Boat Dock Electrical Inspection Service near Lake Lanier

Our boat dock electrical inspection services for residents in the Cumming, Dawsonville, Lake Lanier and surrounding Georgia area includes:

  • Best Of Forsyth AwardsBoat dock wiring
  • Boat dock fixtures and outlets
  • Service from shoreline panel box to boat dock
  • Shoreline service panel box
  • Installation from property line to shoreline service pole
  • Receptacles and lighting
  • Electricity for boat docks
  • Install GFCI’s on shore power pedestals and marina wiring circuits

Mr. Value Electricians specialize in electrical boat dock inspection and installations needed to be approved by the Corps of Engineers and we are proud to serve the Lake Lanier community. All of our work is completed per NEC and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers flood plain specifications.

All electrical contractors installations servicing Lake Sidney Lanier must be approved by the Corps of Engineers. All electrical installations must be inspected by a Georgia licensed electrician. Electric lines must meet Corps of Engineers specifications as well as requirements set forth in the National Electric Code.

Call the professionals at Mr. Value Electricians (770) 894-1566 3840 when you need electrical work performed on your boat dock or installation of power to your dock.

You should have your dock’s electrical system inspected by a professional at least once a year to guarantee that it is ready for summer. Electrical inspections are always necessary and vital to the safety of anyone no matter where, but given the presence of water, marinas, docks and boat yards require extra caution. Wet surfaces and places can be extremely conductive, posing a greater shock risk. Schedule an electrical inspection for your boat dock every year.

Any boat dock owner should have GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) installed as a safety measure. You and anybody else you take out on your boat are at risk of strange electrical mishaps that might result in harm or even death if each electrical outlet does not have a GFCI installed. Once you’ve installed GFCIs, make sure they work and stay that way with monthly testing. 

Another safety measure is to install bonding jumpers. This gadget links all of your dock’s metal pieces to a ground rod on the shore. This will divert any electrical charge on your dock to the grounding rod and away from people. With these two devices together, you will ensure the safety of everyone on the dock.

Absolutely! To increase water recreation safety and accident avoidance, Safe Electricity, in collaboration with the American Boat and Yacht Council and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers/National Electrical Contractors Association, suggests following these steps:

  • All electrical installations should be completed by a licensed electrician who is familiar with maritime rules and standards, and they should be examined at least once a year.
  • Neighboring docks can also be a source of shock. Inform your neighbors about the need for regular safety inspections and maintenance.