Electrical Code Inspections and Upgrades

According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s Incident Reporting System, electrical malfunction accounts for nearly 50,000 home fires a year, resulting in hundreds of deaths, and over a billion dollars in property damage. Of these, nearly 95% could be prevented if they were up to the National Electric Code’s standards. To ensure that your home or business doesn’t fall victim to an outdated setup, call Mr. Value Electricians today for an electrical code inspection.

Meeting the National Electric CodeMeeting the National Electric Code

The National Electric Code (NEC) comprises today’s electrical safety standard in the United States. Based on statistics by organizations such as the US Fire Administration, the NEC is designed to protect building occupants as well as provide a framework for the training and certification programs that reputable electricians base their businesses on.

When you have electrical work done in your home or office, you want to make sure that the electrical code is kept in mind by the electrician. Our staff of experienced and fully-certified technicians is committed to surpassing each and every standard set by the NEC. We use the most up-to-date information, cutting-edge tools and unmatched electrical experience when we perform any inspection, including:

  • A complete assessment of your electrical setup designed to weed out flaws and areas of needed improvement, with recommendations and repairs made as necessary.
  • A complete home safety checkup of the property after every job is done, to make sure it exceeds standards.
  • Code updates for older homes or buildings going up for sale.
  • A double-check of any work that is done to make sure it is up to code and fits in with your entire home’s setup.

At Mr. Value Electricians, we make a point to adapt our business practices along with code changes that are occurring constantly. We strive to bring peace of mind and comfort in every job we perform, in the hopes of making you a lifelong customer.

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