Improving Circulation with a Ceiling Fan Installation

Air circulation is one of the most underrated factors in home climate control. While there are portable options that can contribute, impact can be minimal. It’s important to have a source to circulate air throughout an entire room. When you call on Mr. Value Electricians for a ceiling fan installation, you’re investing in a wide range of benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency – once the air is heated or cooled to your setting, the fan will push it to every corner of the room. This means your HVAC unit can put less effort into controlling your climate.
  • Versatility – with a fan in each room, you can control that specific area’s climate without having to adjust your thermostat or affect others, to the convenience of family and guests.
  • Quiet operation – compared to a noisy AC unit or portable fan, ceiling units work quietly and consistently in the background.
  • Added style – the range of features and designs in today’s fans make for a stylish addition that will complement any room.
  • Low maintenance – a ceiling fan can be easily cleaned, and most maintenance can be performed without the help of an electrician
  • Year-round effectiveness – fans work to distribute air of any temperature, increasing the effectiveness of both heating and cooling systems.
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Experience the Power of Value

A Mr. Value Electricians ceiling fan installation is more than just a job. With every visit, you can expect:

  • Versatile installation – Our experts have the tools to install fans in any location, including vaulted ceilings and otherwise unreachable heights.
  • Consulting and assessment – we’ll work with you to find the best fan for your home’s unique setup and climate control needs, and perform a safety check when we’re done.
  • A free, in-home estimate – With our flat rates, you’ll never go into a job without knowing exactly what you’re paying.
  • Safe & clean Installation – Our technicians lay down plastic and show respect for your home. You’ll never find us using your furniture to get to your fan fixture.
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