Saving Time & Stress with a Fuse & Breaker Panel Box Upgrade

Best Of Forsyth 2022In many older homes, the circuitry is hooked into a fuse box as its primary control panel. When a circuit is overloaded with electricity, maybe your lights are flickering, a fuse will blow and needs to be replaced. This requires you to have spare fuses on hand at a moment’s notice, and while it may sound simple, it can be quite intimidating to someone who is new to it. With a fuse box panel upgrade or replacement from Mr. Value Electricians, you can do away with the stress of blown fuses for good.

Choosing a Circuit Breaker over a Fuse Box

While they are very different to the typical home consumer, a fuse box serves the same role of a circuit breaker in a building: to prevent the overloading of circuits by cutting off the flow of power and reducing risk of fire.

Of the two, a fuse box is an older technology that can require higher maintenance and replacement parts. Normally, these are found in older residences, and are starting to fall behind the ever-increasing need for power in today’s homes.

When compared to fuse boxes, circuit breakers are:

  • Convenient – Circuit breakers are easy to test, and don’t require an electrician to figure out how to operate it.
  • Secure – Your breaker panel doesn’t require direct interface with parts or wiring.
  • Undemanding – Breakers require little maintenance or replacement parts—that means no more fuses!
  • More Efficient – By cutting off the power flow immediately, there’s no danger of energy loss

With Mr. Value Electricians, we always perform an assessment of your home’s energy consumption and wiring before every job.

This helps us to recommend the best equipment and practices for maximum efficiency, and helps us to ensure that your new installations are performed correctly and up to the National Electrical codes and standards.

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