Professional Installation of Outlets and Switches

At home, electricity is easy to take for granted. Turning on the TV or a light is literally as easy as the push of a button. What many fail to realize, however, is just how intricate their electrical systems are – outlets and switches are just access points for you to safely interact with them.


Switches are the most common interaction you have with your home’s electrical wiring. When you need to shed light on a room in your home, you can trust Mr. Value Electricians with:

  • Coordinating Outlets and Switches
  • Timers
  • Dimmers
  • Floor Switches


There are several different types of outlets designed for safety, function and capacity. It’s important to know which are appropriate for each area and room, to allow for maximum performance and safety. Mr. Value Electricians can help to replace and install:

  • 2-prong outlets
  • Grounded outlets
  • Childproof & Safety Inputs
  • Flat Screen TV Receptacles
  • Cable TV Outlets

Dedicated Circuits

Some of the most essential devices in your home can contain sensitive data, or have large or unique voltage requirements. The ability to keep these running on a separate circuit is a huge advantage in the case of a blown fuse, and to allow you to operate them as you see fit. If you have any of the following appliances in your home, you should consider a dedicated circuit:

Outlets and Switches That Give You Peace of Mind

Mr. Value Electricians’ decades of experience show in every job we do. We’re dedicated to bringing you the very best in outlets, switches and dedicated circuits to not only keep your home running, but running smoothly and economically.

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