Ensure Proper Electrical Grounding

electrical-meterBecause electrical system malfunctions are responsible for so many home fires, it’s very important that you home is properly grounded. Electrical grounding reduces the risk of system overload, home damage and safety hazards. Mr Value can perform a complete home checkup to make sure there are no at-risk areas throughout.

Importance of Electrical Grounding

There are many things that can affect the electricity in your home’s wiring – from a nearby thunderstorm to televisions and radios. All of these things create electrical “noise” which is why grounding is very important. Your home’s wiring is (or should be) designed to bleed electricity into the earth via an electrical ground wire.

Proper connection of all the wiring in your home to an external “earth ground” will greatly increase the safety of your home, potentially preventing severe shock or electrocution.

A sure sign of faulty electrical grounding somewhere in your home is small shocks when you touch something metal that is connected to the house itself, such as pipes, downspouts, and ductwork.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms of a faulty ground, or just want to make sure your home is as safe as possible for your family, let Mr Value Electric perform a home inspection to identify and fix at-risk areas or faulty grounds.

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