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Chris Meade, Owner of Mr. Value Electricians in Cumming, GA. The mission at Mr. Value is simple: to provide value in the community as a locally owned and operated business. We’ve always strived to deliver the highest quality, at a fair price, leaving the customer with peace of mind. We always provide our customers with a lifetime warranty, fair flat rate price, educating the customers, our cleanup guarantee, highly skilled certified electricians, 100% value satisfaction guarantee and more on each visit, regardless of the job size.

The steps for installing 6″ led recessed can lights in a kitchen in the Cumming, GA area.

Good lighting creates the atmosphere in a room. Flexibility in the lighting will also help set the tone. It’s easy to adapt to low lighting in the living room when watching a movie but it can be a nuisance when the kids are doing home work or guest are over. So what are some of the things to do or look for when adding recessed can lights?

Electrical Grounding Installation For Your Home | Atlanta GA Metro Area

Your electrical grounding is crucial to your electrical system. It allows your whole house surge protector, GFCI outlets, appliances and more to operate safely. Because electrical system malfunctions are responsible for so many home fires, it’s very important that you home is properly grounded. Electrical grounding reduces the risk of system overload, home damage and safety hazards. Mr Value can perform a complete home checkup to make sure there are no at-risk areas throughout.

Unsure about your homes grounding? Give Mr. Value Electricians a call at (770) 894-1566. We are located in Cumming, GA and service all of the Metro Atlanta Area.