Home Surge Protection Solutions

An electrical surge is a spike in the electrical voltage coming into your home. These spikes can be caused by a number of things (power provider, lightning, faulty wiring) and can cause significant damage to electrical devices in your home, especially televisions, computers, dishwashers, and any type of computer operated products.

A surge protector is a device which is designed to regulate the power input and redirect excess power to ground line, preventing potential damage to your electronic valuables. A whole house surge protector is an excellent solution for your home and a worthwhile investment. Because it’s installed in the main electrical panel, it provides surge protection for your entire electrical system.

Note: power surges from lightning strikes can also travel through cable or phone lines so it’s important to also install secondary surge protectors on television and phone lines.

Mr Value Electricians Lightning Surge ProtectionKeep your appliances and other electronic valuables protected from being overloaded with surge protection solutions from Mr Value Electric. You’ll avoid losing expensive equipment and sensitive computer data in the event of a power spike.

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