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The experts at Mr. Value Electricians want you to get the most out of your electrical setup. That means not only having the safest quality equipment possible, but also practicing responsible and efficient usage techniques.


Your heating and cooling system is one of the largest culprits in unrealized energy consumption, which can be wasted if your home isn’t optimized. A few tips to save energy in any season:

  • Close windows to contained cooled or heated air
  • Run ceiling fans to circulate controlled air
  • Check SEER ratings on equipment
  • Set thermostat to “auto” setting


Lighting is a convenience that should only follow you from room to room. Apart from making sure you shut off lights when you leave, you can also:

  • Buy energy-efficient, long-lasting CFL bulbs
  • Use motion detectors and timers on lights
  • Install lamps in corners to reflect light off walls


Your water system is interconnected with your other home utilities. By practicing responsible water usage, you can also save money in other areas.

  • Use cold water when possible to save on water heating costs
  • Wash with full loads to reduce frequency of laundry machine use

Electrical Equipment

There are many things you can do with your electronics and electrical equipment in your home to save energy, from turning them off to using them responsibly.

  • Unplug electronics and chargers when not in use
  • Place devices in sleep mode when appropriate

Another Solution from Mr. Value Electricians

When your home wastes power, you’re still charged for it by the energy company. In an effort to use wasted electricity, Mr. Value can install an energy management system (EMS), which holds power and saves it for future use. This draws less power into your home and reduces utility costs. An EMS is a relatively low-cost option that will pay for itself with the energy savings you encounter.

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