Electrical Services Pricing Information

Upfront Pricing For Electrical Work In The Greater Atlanta Area

Best Of Forsyth AwardsWhen you are spending money on an electrical repair or installation, price is always one of the deciding factors. Mr. Value Electricians offers fair, upfront pricing for electrical work for all of our Atlanta metro area customers. Here’s what you can expect regarding our pricing for electrical services:

  • Onsite Pricing – Until our electricians take an up-close look at your electrical project, we don’t want to guess at how much it will cost. We provide onsite pricing so that your price reflects the service you need, not someone else’s job.
  • Fair, Flat & Upfront Pricing – Once we are onsite and determine your needs, we give you a fair and flat rate price quote in writing. Even if the job takes us longer than expected, we honor our written quote.
  • No Overselling – Mr. Value Electricians wants to provide you with electrical repairs and services that keep your home safe and functional. We will never use scare tactics to try to sell you electrical services that you don’t need.
  • Priced for Value – Our name says it all – while price is important, it’s all about the value. We provide high quality services at fair prices, bringing our greater Atlanta area customers exceptional value for all electrical services.

Mr. Value Electricians Pricing Guide – Looking for some general pricing information? While each electrical project is different and will be priced accordingly, we have included some ballpark pricing for common electrical services to give you a general idea about pricing.

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While we have given some pricing guidelines, your price will reflect your particular electrical service, and will factor in repair part pricing and degree of ease or difficulty. Call 770-894-1566 to schedule a quote for your electrical service needs. We look forward to providing great value with every service!

Experience the Power of Value with all of our electrical services!