The Dedicated Circuit: A Key to Peak Performance

Your home depends on a multitude of electrical devices running at the same time, often in conjunction with each other. With today’s ever-increasing power demands, losing any one of these can result in a range of problems, from inconvenient to devastating.

There are a lot of appliances and residential devices that need the extra juice and protection to keep running safely that include:

  • Space HeatersFinger pointing to main circuit breaker
  • Kitchen Appliances and Outlets
  • Hot Tub Circuits
  • HVAC Dedicated Circuits
  • Computer Dedicated Circuits
  • Dishwashers
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Outdoor Sheds
  • Boat Dock Dedicated Circuits

Before you plug these devices into your house, call or contact Mr. Value Electricians to safely provide this upgraded service.

When too many devices run on a single circuit, it can be overloaded and shut itself down. While this is a safety measure that exists in even the oldest homes, the complex nature of many modern devices can suffer from improper shutdown.

That’s why a dedicated circuit upgrade from Mr. Value Electricians can help keep all of your devices performing better, and make sure the rest of your home isn’t crippled when one circuit breaks.

Some of the benefits of a dedicated circuit include:

  • Comfort & Convenience
    Many home comfort and climate control devices consume large amounts of power, and they will switch on based on your thermostat’s setting. When unexpected weather hits, your energy consumption will spike as well. Dedicating a circuit for your heating and air conditioning will ensure that you don’t lose operation during extreme temperatures.
  • Functionality & Reliance
    Appliances make the modern home more efficient and productive. When you run multiple appliances at once, you could be without all of your home’s benefits. By installing a dedicated circuit, you’ll make sure that watching television in one room doesn’t spell disaster in another.
  • Security & Accountability
    Today, families and businesses depend on their computers for budgeting, organization and entertainment. Protect your valuable information by keeping your computers on a dedicated circuit, to ensure that you don’t lose sensitive data due to improper shutdown.
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Having a dedicated circuit installed by an experienced electrician is a relatively simple and cost-effective solution to the operation of any home or business. Mr. Value is your source to keep your home efficient, safe and operation all year long. To schedule an upfront estimate, contact us online or call (770) 894-1566 today!
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